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Inspiring leaders to embrace individuality.

Our Leadership Resources serve as a supplement for groups, teams, and organizations to develop a leadership culture of celebration and belonging.
Women are boldly leading us into the future.

Tools to celebrate diversity & foster inclusion.

Our curated set of tools is designed to honor diverse backgrounds and experiences while actively nurturing an environment where every voice is heard, and every individual feels valued.

Leadership is multifaceted, with diverse styles shaping the direction and success of organizations worldwide. Just as brands leverage unique characteristics to stand out, leaders, too, can benefit from identifying and embracing one of our proprietary Leadertypes. These distinctive patterns of leadership create a meaningful and actionable framework to guide individual leadership development.

What are Leadertypes?

Leadertypes are classifications of leadership styles, drawn from the concept of Brand Archetypes, that define a leader’s distinctive character, manner, and method of influence. Each Leadertype encompasses a set of traits, values, strengths, and potential weaknesses that characterize a leader’s approach and their unique manner of interaction within an organization. Just as Brand Archetypes allow companies to build a compelling brand identity, Leadertypes equip leaders with a distinctive and coherent leadership identity.

The benefits of Leadertypes

By identifying which Leadertype captures a leader’s style, they gain clarity on their innate strengths and potential blind spots. This self-awareness enhances their leadership confidence, empowering them to lead authentically and effectively. Moreover, it provides a roadmap for personal and professional growth, enabling them to sharpen their leadership skills and better adapt to various situations. Ultimately, Leadertypes allows individuals to lead with intentionality, authenticity, and maximum impact.

Our BREAKTHRU podcast is dedicated to exploring the diverse landscape of leadership. Venturing beyond traditional leadership discourse, we traverse the pathways of leadership development, empowering leaders with clarity, confidence, and the authority to lead effectively. Whether you’re an emerging leader or a seasoned executive, Leadercast offers insights and strategies to help you lead authentically, adaptively, and with maximum impact.
An innovative and engaging tool for leadership development, Leaderdecks are designed to empower leaders at all levels. Each card serves as a way to explore, understand, and enhance leadership skills, as a group or individually. Leaderdecks allow for the exploration of leadership styles, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies, all tailored towards promoting personal growth and effectiveness in leadership roles.

BREAKTHRU Moments Card Deck


When working with a client to identify their why, we ask a series of questions about their past, present, and future that inform who they are and who they want to be. To scale the impact of this exercise, we decided to create BREAKTHRU Moments card deck so that self-discovery could happen anytime, anywhere.


Empowering underrepresented leaders to be seen & heard.

Organizations thrive when their leaders resonate powerfully and authentically. Ensure your leaders are not just participants, but dynamic trailblazers, guiding the path forward.
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