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The Advocate

Empowers others through trust and empathy fueled by the belief that everyone should be treated justly


The Advocate

Empowers others through trust and empathy fueled by the belief that everyone should be treated justly

To treat others with openness and honesty.

Core Desire

To live together in harmony.


For individuals to feel supported and valued.


Being misunderstood, unheard, or unwelcome.


Bringing people together by identifying common interests and values.


Authenticity and compassion, allowing for a genuine understanding and empathy towards others.


Building and strengthening connections.

The Advocate is driven by inclusion

The Advocate is characterized by their strong sense of justice and willingness to oppose mainstream views for the sake of their convictions. They dread the prospect of being disregarded, powerless, or silenced. Their drive to effect positive change and their fear of failing to do so can create a significant source of anxiety.

In the face of adversity, The Advocate displays resolute perseverance. They understand that true change often requires facing and overcoming challenges. They use these challenges not as deterrents but as catalysts to refine their strategies and strengthen their resolve. The Advocate is known for their remarkable ability to rally their team, leveraging their collective strengths to push forward. This resilience and unwavering belief in their cause often inspires those around them, fostering a culture of determination and shared purpose. Their leadership style encourages others to also rise above challenges and remain committed to the shared vision. This additional resilience not only strengthens The Advocate’s character, but also positively shapes the team and the goals for which they are striving.

Their innate qualities include empathy and genuineness, facilitating deep connections with others. This understanding and relatability enables them to establish solid relationships rooted in trust and mutual respect. The Advocate is motivated by their vision of a better world and their determination to inspire others towards this goal. They are realistic about the gradual pace of change but remain dedicated to their role in the transformation. Overall, The Advocate is passionate, driven, and committed to making a tangible difference.

The Advocate has an approachable tone of voice

To best connect with others, The Advocate should strive to be: supportive, down-to-earth, humble, genuine, casual.

At their best, The Advocate is perceived as authentic, passionate, and empathetic. They convey a sense of purpose and conviction, while also being approachable and relatable. This archetype is focused on building relationships and communities, so their tone of voice should reflect this by being inclusive and welcoming to all.

Opportunities & Challenges for The Advocate in Leadership

To activate The Advocate, it is important to provide them with a clear sense of purpose and direction, as well as opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals to make tangible progress toward their goals. 

The Advocate can feel overwhelmed by the scope of the problems they are trying to solve or feeling discouraged by the lack of progress. They may struggle with maintaining a balance between their own personal life and advocating for others. Reminding them of positive impact and encouraging self-care practices to prevent burnout is also essential.

Advocate Subtypes

The Citizen

Focused on building strong communities through civic engagement and participation, this Advocate Subtype strives to create positive change by working with others towards a common goal. Their gift is an ability to inspire and motivate others through their authenticity and compassion.

The Networker

Highly skilled at building and strengthening connections between people, this Advocate Subtype is focused on creating a community where people can connect and be heard. Their gift is an ability to make others feel valued and appreciated in order to foster relationships that lead to positive change.

Like-minded Female Leaders

Angela Merkel

The first female Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel has been a strong Advocate throughout her long political career. Known for her pragmatic and consistent leadership style, she has continually advocated for the European Union and its principles of solidarity and inclusivity. With a doctorate in physics, Merkel applied her scientific background to her governance, persistently advocating for fact-based policies in the face of populist rhetoric. Her resilient leadership has guided Germany and the EU through multiple crises, from the Eurozone debt crisis to the refugee crisis, and she consistently champions the vision of a unified and tolerant Europe.

Tsai Ing-wen

As the first female president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen embodies the archetype of the Advocate with her commitment to inclusion and social justice. Despite facing intense geopolitical pressure, she has been unwavering in her support for Taiwan’s sovereignty and democracy. Through her leadership, she has defied the status quo and driven significant progress on gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights, showing her innate ability to rally her team and country toward her vision of a more inclusive society.

Mary Barra

As the CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra exemplifies the Advocate through her dedication to innovation and inclusivity within the auto industry. Barra, the first female CEO of a major global automaker, has continually advocated for an industry shift towards electric and autonomous vehicles to address climate change. Her focus on fostering a culture of inclusivity and teamwork has not only resulted in technological advancements but has also redefined the traditional norms of the auto industry, reinforcing her belief in a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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