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The Idealist

Exudes positivity and an unwavering faith in others while seeing the good in everything


The Idealist

Exudes positivity and an unwavering faith in others while seeing the good in everything

To stay positive.

Core Desire

To create a better future.


To spread hope and happiness.


Losing faith in humanity.


Focus on the good, even in difficult situations.


Sincerity and genuineness.


Helping others and making a difference.

The Idealist is driven by trust

The Idealist radiates positivity and inspires those around them to adopt a similarly optimistic outlook. Guided by a bright vision of the future, they steadfastly maintain that anything is achievable. They are hopeful, bolstering their team’s spirits and encouraging progress, especially when facing hardships.

Genuine and open-hearted, The Idealist exhibits sincere trust in their team. Their fearlessness in showing vulnerability makes them relatable, and their passion-filled leadership style encourages others to lead with their hearts. They see the potential in their team, fostering a risk-taking environment that supports new ventures and explorations.

The Idealist is driven by a noble purpose: to help others and create a positive impact on the world. They instill this within their team, motivating them to uncover their passions. In crisis, Idealists remain a beacon of hope, focusing on solutions and fostering courage. Ultimately, their uplifting leadership impacts positively on those around them, making them a force for good.

The Idealist has an inspiring tone of voice

To best connect with others, The Idealist should strive to be: loyal, humble, transparent, wholesome, and simple.

At their best, The Idealist is appeals to others through a positive and hopeful tone of voice. They are passionate about making a difference in the world and communicate with sincerity and authenticity. 

Opportunities & Challenges for The Idealist in Leadership

To activate The Idealist, it’s important to provide them with opportunities to make a positive impact and to remind them of their core values and motivations. Encouraging them to focus on solutions and to find ways to spread hope and happiness can help them stay inspired and motivated.

Challenges for The Idealist may include feeling discouraged or disillusioned when faced with setbacks or challenges. They may struggle with staying optimistic in difficult situations and may feel overwhelmed by the negativity and cynicism of others. Providing them with a supportive and collaborative team can also help them stay positive and motivated.

Idealist Subtypes

The Optimist

This Idealist Subtype always sees the good in everything and stays positive, focusing on it even in difficult situations. They are motivated by spreading hope and happiness, and their gift is sincerity and genuineness.

The Enthusiast

Motivated by a desire to create a better future, this Idealist Subtype has an unwavering faith in humanity and inspire their team to keep moving forward, even when things get tough. Their gift is infectious enthusiasm, and they motivate others by helping them to see the possibilities and potential in any situation.

Like-minded Female Leaders

Malala Yousafzai

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai is an embodiment of the Idealist archetype. At a very young age, she bravely stood against the Taliban for girls’ rights to education in her home country, Pakistan. Despite a near-fatal attack, she maintained her trust in her cause and continues to inspire people around the world with her message of education for all. Her dedication to transforming her vision into reality, combined with her enduring optimism and trust, manifest the quintessential traits of an Idealist.

Marie Kondo

As a tidying expert and best-selling author, Marie Kondo’s philosophy of sparking joy characterizes her as an Idealist. Kondo inspires people to declutter their spaces and lives, helping them to understand the profound effects of maintaining an organized environment. Her trust in her method and her unwavering faith in its transformative power for those who adopt it reflects her Idealist leadership. She promotes positivity, inspires hope, and fuels progress, highlighting her ability to lead with heart and vision.

Maya Angelou

A revered poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou embodies the Idealist leadership style. Through her life and her works, she transmitted a strong message of hope, resilience, and the human capacity for love. Angelou’s willingness to be vulnerable, sharing her personal experiences to uplift and inspire others, truly embodied an Idealist’s spirit. Her optimism, faith in the human spirit, and her potent ability to convey trust, hope, and courage through her words have made her a significant force for positive change.

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