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Empowering diverse leaders to lead as they are.

Our workshop offers an engaging experience for groups, teams, and organizations, enabling leaders to delve into their Leadership Type—the cornerstone of building a Leadership Brand.
Empowering diverse leaders to lead as they are.
Empowering diverse leaders to lead as they are.

What’s your Leadership Type?

This interactive workshop introduces leaders to The Spectrum of Leadership Empowerment™ (SLE™) – an innovative and inclusive leadership development model. Leaders explore the 12 Leadership Types strategically arranged within the SLE™ and chart their own Leadership Type via a digital assessment quiz. Their chart reveals relevant Leadership Types within the SLE™, which gives each participant a better understanding of their internal motivation, internal influences, and opportunities to increase impact.

Virtual or in person


Groups of all sizes


60-90 minutes


The Spectrum of Leadership Empowerment™

The SLE™ serves as an empowerment tool for individuals and a transformative framework for organizations, teams, and communities, paving the way for a more equitable and dynamic leadership landscape. Leadership Types are strategically arranged within the spectrum and give leaders insights into how they can best connect and communicate with others.
The Spectrum of Leadership Empowerment
The Spectrum of Leadership Empowerment

Leadership Types set the foundation for strong Leadership Brands.

Identifying a Primary Leadership Type unlocks insights into a leader’s motivations and potential impact areas. Leadership Brands delve deeper into these insights, transforming them from internal understanding to actionable, external strategies.

Connectors are relationship-builders. They seek to develop outcomes greater than the sum of their parts. They are able to earn the trust of others because of their natural relatability and likability.


Protectors are servant leaders. They prioritize the needs of the people they lead over their own self-interests. Their actions and decisions are driven by what would benefit others as opposed to short-term gains for themselves.

Champions are inclusive leaders. They prioritize the comprehension of all perspectives of others in decision-making. They make people feel valued and, as a result, have high levels of engagement and morale.

Pathfinders are clarifying. They focus on what is essential in order to reduce complexities, streamline solutions, and improve operations. Their straightforward approach ensures effective and efficient outcomes.

Navigators are stabilizers. They are steady under pressure, fostering a sense of security and confidence in others. Their approach is systematic and process-oriented, making them dependable and reliable leaders.

Guides are lifelong learners. They believe that facts and data are ever-evolving assets that enhance people, ideas, and organizations. They want to know how and why things work in order to best inform decisions and strategies.

Visionaries are the forerunners of the future. They adeptly bridge aspirations with reality. And as dream weavers, they paint vivid, compelling pictures of what could be, drawing others into a world rich with potential.

Legends are reformers. They have an intrinsic desire to articulate opportunities for meaningful change and improvement in existing structures. They are steadfast in their goals and feel a responsibility to drive betterment and improvement.

Innovators are makers. They thrive in uncertainty and passionately strive to bring ideas to life. They have an inherent need to communicate through imaginative means, such as art, technology, design, or other forms of creation.

Trailblazers are seekers. They are driven by what could be rather than what currently is. They are the fearless adventurers at the frontier of the unknown, forming paths where others see dead ends, turning the impossible into the possible.

Catalysts are forces for change. They incite urgent action and disruption—setting the stage for transformation. They challenge others to embrace change and play a pivotal role in fostering opportunities for growth.

Ignitors are the spark. They create vibrant environments that foster positive experiences. Their infectious energy and enthusiasm uplifts those around them with a spirit of fulfillment and joy.

A modern alternative to traditional leadership assessment tools.

Leaders describe their journey of identifying their Leadership Type within the SLEas:
dynamic & Limitless
celebratory of unique leadership styles
a way to stand out
In order to break through boundaries, biases, and barriers, the SLEwas designed to not be:
statiC & limiting
perpetuating of stereotypes
a way to fit in
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