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What does it mean to be brave?

When we think of “bravery,” we often think of daring feats and heroic acts. But bravery is more than just acts of physical courage or strength—it is the ability to confront fear and overcome it, to stand up for what you believe in, and to take risks in pursuit of your goals. 

In fact, women have historically been brave–and brave together. From fighting for the right to vote to advocating for civil rights to breaking through glass ceilings in male-dominated fields, women have shown time and time again that they are capable of being brave and defying the odds.

We believe that we will only be able to effect change if we continue to work together and view ourselves as limitless. Limitlessness is confidence in action. Taking on and navigating uncertainty requires boldness–boldness not only for yourself but also for others. So when we are limitless and can encourage others to be the same, we can accomplish more–together.

Join the Confidence Movement

So how can women be brave and support each other on the journey to bravery? We believe it begins with the Confidence Movement. And here is how you can join:

1. Speak up

One of the most powerful ways that women can be brave is by speaking up for themselves and for each other. Whether it’s in the workplace, in social situations, or in the public sphere, speaking up takes courage. It can be uncomfortable to let your voice be heard and stand up for yourself, but it is an important way to effect change.

2. Take action

Bravery is more than just words, it also requires action–it’s not enough to simply think about being brave or talk about it. This might mean taking on a new challenge, combatting injustice, or pursuing a dream.

3. Support each other

Women can achieve bravery together by supporting and encouraging one another through this confidence movement. When women come together, they can accomplish incredible things. Whether it’s through mentorship or collaboration, women can create a community of support that fosters bravery and resilience.

4. Embrace failure

Bravery involves risk, and risk means that there is a chance of failure. But failure is not something to avoid–it is a necessary part of growth and learning. Women can achieve bravery by embracing mistakes as an opportunity to evolve rather than as a sign of weakness.

5. Shift your mindset

It’s easy to only see obstacles. But instead of looking at life as something with limitations, why not look for new ways things can be done? Why not take a risk for yourself and others? By shifting your mindset to one that is limitless, you can discover an undefined, unrestricted world of possibilities.

We can do it together

At BREAKTHRU Brands, we understand that sometimes women may not feel brave enough to take on challenges and pursue their dreams. That’s why we have made it our mission to empower and embolden women leaders to overcome their fears and own who they are–together. We believe in the Confidence Movement and actively participate in it, encouraging women to stand up for themselves and for each other. Through our proprietary initiatives, we create a safe and supportive community where women can build their confidence, develop their skills, and thrive in their personal and professional lives. Whether it’s through our coaching, mentoring, or training programs, we are committed to helping women break through their barriers and reach their full potential.

By speaking up, taking action, supporting each other, and embracing failure, women can achieve bravery together and create a movement of confidence and resilience. So go out there, be brave, and inspire others to do the same!

At BREAKTHRU, we guide women to:

  • Do it and do it scared
  • Step outside of their comfort zones
  • Speak up
  • Take action, even when it might be perceived as controversial
  • Go against the grain
  • Express unique opinions and points of view
  • Take risks

Ready to empower yourself or a female leader you know?

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